Wednesday, December 14, 2016

November in Review

November kicked off with a midweek trip to Gtown to see both of my nieces perform- woo hoo! I wish I lived closer and it was easier to see them perform Regularly, but with two kiddos that just not reality for us. But this was a basketball kickoff night so both performed! Score!

We sang happy birthday day to Nanny ;-)

YouTube Video

And we became obsessed with ponytails thanks to Miss Jodie!

Grady has actually started to play with something other than a ball- I know- gasps! It's still 90% ball, but occasionally he will get the animals and start playing! How cute?!

We had a Fall Fellowship out at the Kingery Farm! It was awesome, complete with hayrides, yummy food, a HUGE leaf pile, and smores!

We both had Election Day off, so we had a family day :-) we took the kids with us to Vote, then had lunch, then had dance parties at home!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

And I caught Griffin giving a concert to his stuffed animals. How cute is that?!

Griffin and I had a date night! We went to shogun and then to see Trolls. Super cute!

Grady adores sitting in daddy's lap and watching sports, and I think it's just too cute...

We threw a baby shower for the Staggs' twins- whom we were nervous were going to come two months ago!

Random snapchat fun...

We finally made it over to see the Peaches new house! And we caught some mermaids while we were there...

Mr. Pate and Griffin sent me these sweet gifts to my work for my birthday. That candle smells so amazing!

We headed to Louisville for Thanksgiving with the Pate side and got in some quality Uncle Shelly time...

Griffin and I had lunch with this crew during Thanksgiving Break :-)

And then we had our families over for Thanksgiving Day! A post on that coming soon...

On Black Friday, I spent the day in Stars Hollow :-)

Haven, Nikki, Susan and I watched the new Gilmore Girls: A Day In The Life series on Netflix all day. Overall I loved getting to catch up with the characters and I like that it leaves it wide open for hopefully more!! But Rory doesn't end up with who I want so far, so that sucks! Haha!

I actually spent the whole month watching the 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls to prepare me for this... quite the binging feat!

We got all decorated!! Yay!!!!

We celebrated Becky's birthday! It was a super hard day but she soldiered on, as she continues to do. She is so strong.

And that was November...

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