Thursday, December 22, 2016

Disney World Adventures: Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios doesn't have early hours, so we got to the park right when it opened. We headed straight over to wait in line and get Griffin signed up for Jedi Training, per Kris's tip. That took about 30 minutes and you had to have the child present with you so that was kind of a downer way to start the day. But it turned out to be totally worth it!! It might have been even less time if I had studied a map of the park and found where we were heading faster too... just a tip ;-) They did give us two anytime, any ride Fastpasses for waiting though! Score! And we were being watched by some Stormtroopers...

So while we did that, Derick, Becky and Cam explored and rode the Great Movie Ride and something else.

Then we all headed to Toy Story Mania for our Fastpass!

This was such a great ride! So interactive and fun! It's a game where you shoot things and go against the person in your car. It was super fun.

Outside we saw Chip and Dale with a short line, so we decided to grab their autographs :-)

Chip had a black nose and Dale has a brown nose, did you know that? Griffin taught us!

We had FPP for StarTours next. This is a simulator ride and was awesome.

We were in a Star Wars spaceship and flying, and CP30 was flying us. It was great.

After this we headed over for Griffin's Jedi Training.

We ended up on the front but other end from where he ended up standing, of course! Ha.

Griffins face when they had to "use the force" to get rid of the bad guy was sooo funny!

He got to fight the bad girl, but we need to buy the pictures because we couldn't get any from where we were.

He loved it so much! It was super fun to watch him. Now he and Grady walk around saying they are Jedi's...

We headed to see the Muppet 3D show next. I have always been a Muppet Fan so I liked it. We ate lunch at Mama Melrose's right next door afterwards. The food was good.

After lunch we had a FPP for Indiana Jones! The show was packed and we got a seat then waited 20 minutes for it to start.

It was hard to get any pictures that truly show what it is, but it was every bit as awesome as people say! The stunts are great, but to me the best part was seeing how they transformed the set in such a small space so tremendously. I was in awe. And it was funny. We all loved it!

Olaf was across the way and had a short wait, so we decided to go hang with him next.

Grady even gave him a hi-five!

We split up for a bit next and Becky, Cam and Derek headed over to see the Beauty and the Beast show.

We walked right in to see the Frozen Sing-a-Long. It was so cute! The storytellers were hilarious and made me laugh quite a bit, and of course we sang all the songs. It was a great show.

Grady fell asleep during it though. So afterwards Griffin and I went to the Little Mermaid show. It was ok, but not as great as I was expecting.

Then we met everyone else and Cam, Derick, Mr.Pate and Griffin went to use our anytime FPP at Tower of Terror.

We were going to go hangout in the middle of the park and watch the Jingle Bam show next, but it was crowded and we were hungry and tired. So we watched as we went by, and went to eat at the ABC Commissary. So much food!

We decided to go use our last FPP and ride Toy Story Mania one more time before heading out, and we ran into some soldiers keeping watch :-)

Then we quickly went on the Great Movie Ride on the way out. It made me feel like I have not seen nearly enough classic movies...

We had a very crowded bus ride back to the resort, on which Griffin fell asleep...

And then we headed back to take a group photo in our Mickey & Minnie PJs!! Haha And Griffin is passed out in most of these...

So we all decided to Be asleep to match Griffin... well all of us but Grady apparently... haha.

It was a long but great day. I really liked Hollywood Studios. Not as much for the little kids definitely, but some pretty cool things.

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