Thursday, December 22, 2016

Disney World Adventure: Airplanes & Disney Springs

We started the adventure with an early morning wake up call, but luckily the boys were excited and in good spirits! We got ourselves to the airport and I was so thankful for two things- the double umbrella stroller from Mrs.Mac and Derick, Cam and Becky's travel experience! We don't fly much and it feels like they change the procedures at the airport every time I go! I had totally forgotten to weigh our bag, so luckily they reminded us to and we stuffed some stuff in Mr.Pate's bag to stay under the limit!! Haha.

Us on the airport shuttle from the economy lot! Here we go!

Posing by the airplanes- Grady was sooo excited to see them.

About to board our flight!

Griffin claimed a window seat.

I took the other one and we had Grady between me and Gammy. I had intended to hold him because I didn't realize when they are over 2 they have to stay in their seat- I thought you just had to buy them a seat. So originally Becky and Cameron were on our row and Derick was with Justin and Griffin... but Derick ended up at the front by himself. Sorry Derick!

My boys ended up doing awesome on the plane! They both loved it!

We got to our lion king suite and Griffin immediately wanted to pull down the Murphy bed. It was pretty neat- it folds up into a table!

After a late lunch at the resort, we decided to head to Disney Springs for the night. This used to be called Downtown Disney... I like the old name better ;-)

This is how Grady will probably spend most of his trip. Haha!

All made out of Legos!

They had a Trail of Trees thing going on, which had themed trees for each movie or character. I loved it!

We ate at Wolfgang Puck Express and it was sooo good. It counts as a quick service meal for the Dining Plan, but it was really nice food! Score!

Griffin might be most excited about the Murphy bed over everything else! Haha

We are headed to Magic Kingdom next!!

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