Thursday, December 22, 2016

Disney World Adventures: Magic Kingdom Pt.1

For our first full day, we headed to Magic Kingdom bright and early. They have Early Magic Hours for onsite guests, so we got in two hours before it technically opens. My friend Kris Billiter does Orlando trip planning, so he was able to help us plan our Fastpasses, character meals and give us tips each day on how to best use our time. Best of all, his services are totally free for clients! You can check him out right here:

It was sunny and we were trying to hurry to some rides, but we had to get the iconic castle picture. Haha!

We headed straight into Tommorowland for Space Mountain and Cameron and I rode it. It was fast, dark and great! We got pretty much right on too.

While we rode that, everyone else when to the race track and drove some cars :-)

Then we headed to Buzz Lightyear's ride. Grady became a big Derick fan on this trip ;-)

Oh and I should mention that when Cam and I rode Space Mountain, I was trying to figure out the picture thing and scanned my Magic Band for some other people's picture to be loaded to our account... oops!

Anyhow, the crowd was really small and we were able to do all three of those things pretty quick. It was great!

Then we had a Fastpass (FPP) for Peter Pan's Flight, so we headed over to Fantasyland. It was pretty neat being suspended up in the ride and seeing all the different scenes from the movie, but I realized Griffins never seen it. Momfail. So we will be viewing that one soon.

Then we rode Its a Small World pretty quickly.

After that we watched Philarmagic. It was cool and surprised us with some water! It had little song cameos of all my classic favorites (A Whole New World, Under the Sea, Be Our Guest, etc) so I really loved it.

Snack time! We stopped by Gaston's place for some head-size cinnamon rolls, which I failed to take a picture of. But they are huge, you could feed 4 a good snack with one.

Our crew minus Grady and I rode Big Thunder Mountain next! They said it was fast, and they came up out of the seats at some points.

We decided to head to Tom Sawyer island while we were over there next. This was when I started losing steam. Waiting for the boat made us a bit tired and restless. But the island was fun and Griffin liked exploring.

After the island, we had lunch. We ended up splitting up, and we went to place called Diamond Horseshoe randomly. It was family style eating and was delicious!

We headed to the Hall of Presidents after lunch. It was a great show, I thought.

I loved hearing and seeing the history, and the animatronics were so good!

Magic Kingdom is To be continued...

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