Thursday, December 22, 2016

Disney World Adventures: Magic Kingdom PT.2

Outside of the Hall of Presidents, the Muppets were doing a little window show and we got to see only a minute or two but it was cute. I didn't manage to get a picture though.

After that we headed over to ride the infamous Dumbo!

This picture below of Derick cracks me up!! Haha!

We didn't wait very long at Dumbo, and then we headed to Winnie the Pooh next. They had just reopened for some reason, so the line was really short! Score!

Both of those rides were ok but not my favorite. Grady then finally fell asleep...

We had Fastpasses for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train next. This is apparently a really popular ride and the line was super long, so I was thankful for the pass. It was a great rollercoaster! Super smooth, fast and fun. We got a rider swap so both me and Mr.Pate could ride it.

Derick and Cam headed to try Splash Mountain, and we headed to ride the Barnstormer. Gammy Becky volunteered to wait with sleeping Grady while we both rode with Griffin. That ended up being our longest wait all day, and totally not worth it. We thought it would be quick but the line moved terribly slow and the ride was super quick. But Gammy Becky, Griffin and I headed to meet Donald and Goofy next! I was really proud of Griffin with the characters during the trip. Just three months ago he was still terrified of any character or mascot!

Kris, our Travel to the Mouse guide, had tipped us off that the characters will play along with you if you say silly things etc. So we asked Donald where his pants were, and he turned and shook his tail on Griffin! Haha! Griffin thought that was hilarious!

He was very into getting autographs. It was fun!

The castle :-)

After those characters, we headed over to meet up with Derick and Cam in Adventureland. We went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, since it only had a 20 minute wait.... well the ride got stuck. So we sat in our boat, pretty close to the exit for 20 minutes. The audio got shut off so the pirates were still moving with no sound which made them look creepy! Haha. It was a memorable time...

After that adventure, we headed to The Crystal Palace for a character dinner with Winnie the Pooh and Friends. It was a buffet and the food was excellent! Also we loved the setup bc it was basically an outer circle and inner circle, and all the characters went in the same direction (they all came from our right) so you knew when to expect them.

Grady was soooo not a fan when our first visitor, Tigger, came by! Haha poor thing!

Still not a fan when Winnie came either... but then he got in Justin's lap and got a little better. He still didn't want to be close to them, but he was all excited to see them from afar.

Griffin, on the other hand, was all about them! And we adults even enjoyed some hugs :-)

Tigger rubbing Both of their beards :-)

Tigger was my favorite when I was younger, and I used to have all kinds of Tigger things! Including the infamous stolen stuffed animal- right Kristen?! Hahaha

Griffin asked Eeyore if he could pin his tail on (like pin the tail on the donkey)! Haha And he loved that he had to sign the book up on his nose.

Griffin asked Piglet where the bacon was, and Piglet covered his eyes and said no! Haha! Then Grady excitedly reenacted it over and over, which was adorable.

It was a great dining experience overall. The food was great, our server was great with us and the kids, and we got great time with each character. Highly recommend it!

After dinner we had to roll out, bc the park was closed for a ticketed event. They had fake snow coming down over Main Street and the castle was all lit up too.

So we found our bus and headed back to Art of Animation. The Disney Transport buses were not our favorite part of the trip. It's nice to have them and on the one hand they fit a bunch of people on them so you can get to and from quicker... but on the other hand it's a lot of people stuffed in a bus. Haha

That was pretty much our first day at Magic Kingdom. Thanks to Fastpasses and tips from Kris it really was a great day! The kids did really well with going for so long, and I feel like we accomplished a ton. Taking advantage of those Magic Hours is really vital. I wish we had gone a little earlier to fully do that. All in all a great day! The park wasn't that packed, the weather was warm but not roasting and we had a ball!

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