Saturday, December 24, 2016

Disney World Adventures: Last Day Randomness

On Tuesday morning we got up and got our luggage all ready. The resort actually has airport check-in so we were able to check our luggage and get our boarding passes right there! Super convenient.

Then we headed back to Magic Kingdom for some last day fun. We were pretty freakin tired by now, so we were in no hurry. Haha! We headed over to Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. It was so cute and funny!

We had a FPP for Big Thunder Mountain so we headed over there next. We got a rider swap again too so both of us could ride. Griffin loved this rollercoaster so he was really excited to ride it two more times.

Gammy found a fun little playground for Grady while we waited too! Score! (This is under the entrance to Splash Mountain if anyone needs a spot for other littles when they visit!)

We went to use a FPP for Haunted Mansion next... the ride went down as we were trying to enter and we were stuck in holding with lots of people all bunched together. Then we will had to push forward to get on in chaos! Just crazy. We didn't really enjoy the ride either, it was ok.

We grabbed some lunch at Harbour House then headed to ride Buzz Lightyear again.

Then we decided to ride the monorail. We just wanted to ride it before we left! Ha! So we headed over to Epcot,

I wish you could monorail to all the parks and resorts- so much better than the buses! You can take the stroller right over too!

There was a gospel group singing when we got there so that was really cool to hear! Grady went to sleep so Mr.Pate stayed by and they listened to music for awhile while Becky and I went on a mission for caramel popcorn in Germany :-)

After we got the popcorn and some chocolates, we headed back to our resort to walk around and look at all the decorations. We hadn't had any other time to look around!

First up was the Lion King area, which is where we stayed...

Then the Little Mermaid, where Derick and Cam stayed...

The Ursula, King Triton and Little Mermaid were HUGE!

But the coolest area, in my opinion, was the Cars area! It looked so cool!

They had the sidewalk as a street, and street lights lining it.

The pool was the Cozy Cone Motel. So cute!

Then Finding Nemo was in the middle. It was the main pool, and behind it was a playground.

Somehow I didn't get a picture of the lobby. It had such cool drawings showing the animation process, it was awesome!

Our boys picked their "ears" on the last day. They decided to go with Goofy and Pluto. How cute?!

We had dinner and then headed to our Magical Express Bus stop... all ready to head home!

We got to the airport and made it through security pretty quickly... then we found out our flight was delayed! Ugh! It was already a 9:35 flight... delayed until 10:10. The boys did really well waiting though.

We finally got on and we're ready to go!

And as soon as take off was done, both boys were out! Haha.

They were pretty cranky when they were woke up getting off the plan, but the stroller helped a ton. We got bags, got a shuttle out to our frozen car, Mr.Pate scraped all the windows in the freezing cold and we were on our way!

We got home at 2am... whew! Luckily both boys stayed sleep and we were able to get them settled easily. The dog went nuts and that was annoying... and I was surprised with a PANTRY which Mr.Pate had arranged to be installed while we were gone!! Sooo amazing.

I think that makes for one good, fabulous, long and exhausting trip. I will probably blog my random thoughts and takeaways soon just so I remember them.

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