Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A little update

We are driving home from our Bradley Class, so I thought I do a quick update on what's up with us.

- We only have one more Bradley class and then we are done. Crazy! I will be glad to have that extra night back and to not drive to Gallatin once a week. But I am sad to not hve class anymore. I really enjoy my teacher and the other couples, and I feel like I have learned a ton!
- Hopefully I will get more time to share what I have learned soon.
- We finally got a mattress pad and put it on the bed, just in case my water breaks. Even though it is a soft version, it sounds crinkley and makes me hot. I will be glad to take it off after delivery : )
- Church softball season is officially here. Our first game is this Thursday. I am tryin to have a positive attitude about it this year, because I normally hate it. It will be a fun time to socialize with my church fam and good exercise for Mr.Pate. I just hope it doesn't take over our summer (which has been known to happen).
- Work has been crazy busy! We are moving to a new software system, gearing up for summer employment, and trying to get ready for 2 of us to go on maternity leave. Whew.
- I am over the rain.
- One Tree Hill anyone?? Last weeks episode broke my heart! I dvr-ed tonights so I can't wait to watch it later this week.
- Confession: I am taping 16 and Pregnant also.... And Pregnant in Heels. Don't judge.
- That is all.

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone


  1. LOVE pregnant in heels--those ladies be crazy!

  2. With the mattress pad are you directly on it, i know they can be kind of a itchy hot material, maybe putting the sheet over it would help? i dunno just a thought... now that i think about it you probably already have a sheet over but i was just thinking out loud!

  3. sarah- i have only seen one episode so far, but there are nuts!

    jessica- i do already have a sheet over it, but i love your thinking out loud! ha! i may try a second sheet to see if that helps. i am not digging it at all... but i love my mattress and do not want to have to buy another one so i guess its worth it for a short while!

  4. I am patiently waiting for more Bradley info.... :)