Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Types of Cloth Diapering

I am back to share a basic rundown of the different methods of cloth diapering that are out there. As I have mentioned before, cloth diapering today isn't your grandma's cloth diapering. It has come a long way with many new options. 

Basic Types of Cloth Diapers:
1. Prefolds
Prefolds are the traditional cloth diaper. It is usually several layers of fabric sewed together in a rectangle. You have several options of how to fold a prefold and how to use it. You can use a prefold all by itself, securing it to baby with diaper pins or the modern snappi (see pic below). You can also put a prefold inside a diaper cover (more about this next). Using prefolds is the cheapest way to cloth diaper. 

2. Fitteds

Fitted diapers are super absorbent fabric that has been sewn into a diaper. So unlike prefolds, they need no folding and are diaper shaped. Most today come with velcro or snaps attached to close them, but you can still get them with no closure and use diaper pins or a snappi. Fitteds do not have any kind of waterproof outer layer, so they need a diaper cover to prevent feeling the wetness. Here is another look at a fitted: 
3. Diaper Covers:
Diaper covers are just that, a cover that goes over your cloth diaper. They are a waterproof shell with some type of closure (velcro or snaps). The most popular today adjust to several sizes (meaning they can get smaller or larger) so you can use them longer. You put diaper covers over prefolds or fitted diapers, and when it is time to change the diaper you just remove the insert, wipe the cover and reuse it with a new insert. So you can reuse a diaper cover several times in a day and do not have to have as many covers as you have prefolds or fitteds. 

4. Pocket Diapers

Pocket diapers are the most popular modern diaper. They work and look very similar to disposable diapers. The diaper basically has a waterproof outer cover, an inner layer of microfleece with a "pocket" opening and it includes either snap or velcro closure. You stuff pocket diapers with absorbent inserts in the pocket, and that is where the absorbency comes in. The microfleece allows urine to go thorough to the insert and keeps your baby feeling dry, even when the insert is soaked. For most pocket diapers, you have to remove the insert before washing but some come out naturally in the wash. Pocket diapers are very user friendly. They typically come in "One-Size" meaning they can grow larger with your baby and you can use them the whole time your baby is in diapers. 

5. All-In-Ones(or Twos)
All-In-One (AIO) cloth diapers are a step up from the pocket diaper. These are the most like disposable diapers, only you dont throw them away. They have the waterproof outer shell, then on the inside they have the inserts attached. That means they require no stuffing or unstuffing. You just put the diaper on baby and take it off. They do take a longer time to dry because the layers do not come apart... unless its an All-In-Two. That basically means the inserts snap in, so you can take them out. 

So there you have the very basics. There are a few more variations, but this is cloth diapering in a nutshell. I hope that helps give you an understanding of what cloth diapering can look like today. Mr.Pate and I will be mainly using pocket diapers for little Griffin. I will do more in depth post with more pictures and explanations of pocket diapers soon.

But until then, what do you think? Did you know there where this many ways to cloth diaper today? Anyone got a specific kind they like and why??

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