Monday, April 4, 2011

What I needed to Read

I didnt read blogs all weekend... shocking I know. So as I am eating my mid-morning (translate- 10th food choice of the day) salad, I hopped on to check a few. I have over 100 unread- ha!

Anyhow, my friend Natalie is having some guest blogging going on as of late. And todays was just what I needed to hear. The part that struck me:
"When I feel distracted, not ready for the day at hand or just not feeling patient, loving and kind, I’ll ask God to intrude. I’ll ask God to open my heart and eyes so I cannot just see but have sight to see the world around me. To intrude in my life when I am not prepared. To intrude and take control when I don’t ask. To intrude and take me down the path I need to go on, not necessarily want to go on." 
I desperately need the Lord to intrude when I dont ask! I am sooo busy doing my own thing, and I need him to intrude so my life will be about His things, not mine.

Go read the whole post here...

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  1. I think blogs need a "like" button! Because I love this!