Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I need some advice

One of the big things Mr.Pate and I still need to do is pick a Pediatrician for Griffin. I am not sure why, but I feel totally at a loss on how to really do this. For one, my mom works at a Pediatricians office so I wish we could just go there! I have debated it bc I love "Dr.Kris" as we call her so much, but i just don't think it would be wise to have our Dr an hour away. I have never "interviewed" a doctor, so it's seems totally foreign to me. Aren't they too busy for that?? So I need some advice:

1. How did you choose your pediatrician (if you have had to do this)?
2. If you are in the BG area, who do your kids see? Do you like them?
3. What should I ask a potential Pediatrician?

Help a sista out!

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone


  1. Mikayla goes to Dr. Fraser at Pediatric Associates. We love him! He is not quick to hand out medicines and is great with kids. I would recommend him!

  2. We totally went and met with Drs. before picking one for Preston! They have time to do it! If they say they may not want Griffin to go there anyway! They are used to it when you call....
    We just called and said we were pregnant and looking for Pediatrcians for our son. And they said okay and made an appointment for us to come in. And when you should get a free diaper bag/set gift, that has a sample of formula, small bottle cooler, and ice packs, etc... (That's what we got anyway) It's pretty much the same thing that the hospital gives you when you are there giving birth! (And it works out great for a "man" diaper bag if daddy doesn't like the one that you will be carrying ;) It is just plain black and more like a little back-pack)
    Good Luck on your hunt! :)

  3. the things that i love about our doctor....
    1. he takes time with every single patient. you might have to wait a little, but you always know that he is giving you his all.
    2. also, he is a christian and i know he prays for wisdom and that god guides him in his work.
    3. and i feel he is never bothered if i need to ask a question after hours or a little overwhelmed with sick kids while in the office.

    most doctors know the basically you are looking for someone who matches your family's personality & values and you feel comfortable with and you can trust with your child.

    hope it helps....


  4. I would recommend almost all the docs at Pediatric Associates where I used to work. My family members & most of my friends w/kids see Dr. Chris Smith & I would definitely recommend him! I think doing a pre-natal consultation w/a doctor is very important. You want to be sure that he or she fits your family, find out office policies on after hours care, days when the doc may be off, holiday hours, etc.. and also will he take time with you? For me, that is a thing that I feel is super important-especially as new parents, you want to make sure that the doctor you are interested in will give you the time and attention that your baby deserves. Feel free to call me w/any questions, after all, I worked at a pediatric office for 10 years and can tell you everything about Ped. Assoc!

  5. We also go to Dr. Fraser and LOVE him and the entire staff at Ped Associates. Recommend them in a heartbeat

  6. We didn't end up interviewing doctors. I somehow left choosing a doctor to the very end of my pregnancy and basically ran out of time. Our hospital gave us a list of pediatricians in the area. Then I asked around at work and people gave me names of those they saw. I checked out some websites and picked one based on a friend's recommendation and the info I read on the website. We have been happy with ours and didn't feel like we missed out by not, don't stress if you don't get around to actually going to meet them in person before Griffin is born. You'll see him/her PLENTY during the first year - even just for well check visits :)

  7. I think you are a lot like me... Our pediatrician's office holds an open house once a month for new parents. I came prepared with a list of more than 20 questions including vaccine policies, office hours, after hours policies, their feelings on certain parenting styles, etc... Hardly anyone else asked questions. During the tour, I walked with one of the doctors and asked more questions, and other parents walked with us listening to our conversation - they said they didn't think of any of those things...