Sunday, December 19, 2010

Why I love this week!

Thats right- it's back!

  • No work this week! Woo Hoo!
  • Gingerbread houses with Becky, Jeanice and Cam on Monday. I could care less about the decorating part, but am pumped for the social part. 
  • Tuesday is a big day for us- and we have planned a ton of stuff for it! 
    • 12 week Dr. appointment with my new doctor (Dr.Gass) and Ultrasound!! So we are praying for fabulous news but I am praying more for trust in God's plan- whatever that may be. 
    • Going on a movie date with Mr.Pate!! We NEVER go to the theater, so I cant wait! Thank you Meredith Page for your generous xmas present of movie money!! 
    • Touring a local daycare. 
    • Finishing up some xmas shopping!
  • Hopefully get to see Karen sometime this week!
  • Going to Louisville and Gallatin for Christmas to see family! Yay!!!!!!!!! 
What are you looking forward to this week??

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