Thursday, December 23, 2010

My next appointment

(So that no one gets confused, I am still writing posts to catch up about my first 12 weeks of pregnancy. I am currently 12 weeks)

So we waited and waited and finally it was time for my 8 week appointment, which was technically my first prenatal visit. It was the day before Thanksgiving, and Mr.Pate had to work so my sister came up and went to the appointment with me.

I was pretty anxious because I knew several people that got to hear the heartbeat or even have an ultrasound at their 8 week visit, so I was hopeful. But as I mentioned before, I was not a fan of my doctor and this visit didn't help that any.

She didn't do ANYTHING! She didn't exam me, listen for the heartbeat, ultrasound, nothing. All she did was ask a few questions and then took some blood. My sister didn't like her at all and demanded that I get a new doc. I was bummed. I felt like this visit would help reassure me that everything was good, and really it did nothing.

So I went home and facebooked several girls I knew had recently had babies in BG to ask who they reccomend. And I determined to believe everything was good till I had any reason to think otherwise.

My friends recommended two doctors an I decided to make an appointment with Dr.Gass. My appointment and first ultrasound wouldn't be until Dec 21st (at 12 weeks). So now it was time to wait again!

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