Thursday, December 16, 2010

Finding Out

Here is the deal, we had been “not preventing” for almost a year. But we were not counting days or taking temperatures or any of that stuff, so we were not hardcore trying either. Regardless, I was getting pretty concerned that maybe I wouldn’t be able to have a baby. All of the health issues I have had the past few years have not exactly left me the best candidate. In fact, I had just sent a long email to a dear friend of mine trying to explain my feelings about the whole thing, which were mixed. You just never think about not being able to have a baby when you are younger (unless you have a medical issue), instead you are just actively trying not to.

The next week I realized that I was late, but I did not want to get my hopes up so I waited several days. After four days I decided I should take a test. So I took two early one morning when Mr.Pate was opening at Starbucks… and they both came back positive. Suddenly my reactions were all mixed and crazy. Here I was alone, it was early in the morning, and I am pregnant??!!! My mind started going 1,000 miles a minute with questions and worries and excitements and plans. Ok Sabrina, so down!
So this happened to be the one day a week I have night class, therefore I wouldn’t see Mr.Pate until 8:30pm that night. Ugh! So I went to work and kept it in. I was soooo distracted that day! All day long I wondered if I was really pregnant, or if it was just a false alarm. It was the 

P.S. The pic at the top is totally not mine. 

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  1. i can't imagine trying to hold it in all day! that would drive me crazy!