Monday, December 27, 2010

13 Weeks and Counting

  • How far along: 13 Weeks
  • Total Weight Gained: 4 or 5 lbs I think
  • Maternity Clothes: None yet, but I am fastening my pants with a rubber band because they wont button without hurting anymore. 
  • Sleep: I am doing ok with sleep. I wake up a lot during the night though. Trying to train myself now not to sleep on my stomach or back, both of which I love! So thats been kinda hard. 
  • Best Moment of the Week(s): Getting to see the baby on the Ultrasound! So exciting!! The funniest part was anytime I laughed and you could see it shake the baby! Ha! 
  • Movement: I cant feel any, but the nurse at the Doctor's office said the baby was flopping all around on Tuesday! 
  • Food Cravings: Not a ton or strong ones yet. A few weeks ago I had a huge craving for Hamburger Helper! So good!
  • Food Aversions: It varies from day to day. Mainly chicken, but somedays it is fine. Weird! 
  • Morning Sickness: I have been lucky and haven't gotten very sick. I am trying to eat something small every 2 hours to keep my stomach full. So far it has worked. 
  • Symptoms: Fatigue, peeing all the time, Mr.Pate says I have preggo brain, a growing mid-section, very sore boobs and shortness of breath when I do anything slightly taxing. 
  • What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach comfortably! 
  • What I'm looking forward to: Not being so tired, having a big baby bump so people can tell I am definitely pregnant, and feeling the baby move! 

According to, Baby Pate is the size of a medium shrimp or a lemon (3 inches). Fingerprints have developed this week! 
*My pictures are actually from last week (12 weeks)... 

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