Thursday, December 23, 2010

Change Up

Mr.Pate and I typically don't do Christmas or Birthday presents for one another. It's just not our thing. But this year while shopping for others, we picked out some gifts for ourselves- a new shower curtain and new bathroom rugs. I know, that doesn't sound super exciting- but when you have had the same ones for 5 years, a little change up is super exciting. Plus, our new rugs cover up almost all of my bathroom floor tiles that are coming up- out of sight out of mins right??

Here are some pics, I was hoping to put up a before and after but since I am blogging in the car on the way to Louisville (I love you iPhone!) I just don't have access to befores. So you will have to look back at some archives to see our old stuff.

We went from blues and grays to bright green and browns. Love it!

These rugs are soo soft and comfy!!

I am enjoying our upgrade, it is kinda making me feel like we actually redid the bathroom, which needs it so badly... Kinda.

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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