Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Recap

Before Christmas gets too far behind us, I want to recap our Holiday!

We always go to Louisville first a day or so before Christmas Eve and stay until Christmas morning. We have time with Mr.Pate's side of the fam and it's always great. This year the Holidays really wore me out though, and I feel asleep at his Aunt Lisa's! Ha! But I promise I had fun too! We ended up playing a game called "What's Yours like" later and had a ball! Ha! Here is a pic from Christmas Eve with Mr.Pate's fam.
Playing Dirty Santa with Mr.Pate's Dad's side of the fam. Love this part! 

I don't even know what he is holding... 

I am so thankful when people buy him cute clothes! Ha!

Some of our cute cousins. 

Me getting a new crock pot! Woo Hoo! You know how I love a crock pot! 

Opening her purse... which I wrapped in a tortilla box.

We draw his name every year, and we get him clothes every year! Ha! But he likes them! 

Yes he is holding up boxer briefs... I couldnt resist posting it! ; )

Then we get up too early on Christmas morning and head to my parents house in TN for more festivities.  This year we got to drive with a snowy scene to look at the whole way! It was great, and the roads were fine so that was good too. Here's some pics from the whirlwind morning in TN. 
Misty and Ash getting a GPS (Mist has the worst sense of direction!)

Mr.Pate with our new Flip video camera! 

This would be me figuring out what my sister's surprise gift was- a Doppler monitor (which is a thing that lets us hear the baby's heartbeat)! Crazy but awesome! 

Oh and what's this?? My mother though this jumper would be a good idea to keep me warm. Mom- I love the thought... but really?? Haha! 

Ash being taken over by his girls! 

Mom celebrating over some gift. 

And to try to commemorate our big news for this year, I tried my hand at a craft. My friend Mandy will now know why I say I am craft illiterate...

I bought some foam snowflakes at Wal-Mart and wrote each person's "title-to-be" on them and the year. Then on the back I put a copy of the ultrasound picture (I wish it had copied better). Thats it.

No they didnt turn out the best ever, but its the thought that counts right?? Ha!

It was a great Christmas and it is crazy to think it will be our last as the two of us. Changes they are a comin!


  1. looks like a blast! and i think the ornaments are cute :)

  2. Hey, those crafts aren't so bad! Those are some pretty impressive block letters.