Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sleep training- what did you do?

As I have mentioned before, Griffin has always been a good sleeper. When we brought him home from the hospital he automatically started going 4 or 5 hr stretches at night. By six weeks he was usually sleeping from 10-6! It was awesome. Then he got his first cold... About a month ago now. And he started randomly waking in the middle of the night some. We would give him his paci and back to sleep he would go.

The last month has been hot or miss. Some nights he sleeps without waking, some nights he wakes every hour. I keep making excuses or thinking it's a one time deal and will go back to how it was- but I probably need to face the music an realize something must be done.

So far we have tried taking away the swaddle, which seems to make it worse. I am still worried he will turn over in it so I think I am going To try to stick with no swaddle... He has to learn sometime right?

I have done a little crying it out, but I'll be honest I am not committed. It's harder than I thought it would be! And I find myself wondering what if he is hungry or sick or teething or in pain for some other reason? I don't want him laying there crying during that... Ugh!!!

Babies are a mystery! And I know each is different, but my question is- what did you do? Tell me what you did with your kids and if it worked. Please share!!! This momma needs.some.sleep!

But he is so darn cute! Haha!

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