Monday, November 21, 2011

Sleep- it is for the birds

Griffin has been a good sleeper from day 1, of course day 1-14 were spent in the NICU where they really get you scheduled. But he started sleeping thru the night around six weeks! Amazing. I should never complain I know. Lately though, Griff has been waking several times a night! At first we thought it was because he was congested, but now I think we have a habit on our hands.

Sleep and babies is hard. They respond well to routine and consistency, but you have to merge that with your life. We have been sporadic about his bedtime lately. It's hard to always be home at 7:30! And he can now roll over, and I thought he was trying to while swaddled the other day. So I decided maybe we should drop the swaddle...

We tried that last Thursday night. FAIL. He woke a ton! I finally swaddled his arms in the wee hours of morning and he slept some. So we are back to swaddling fully for now.

Friday night he was miserable from his shots and had a fever. No sleep. Poor thing!

Saturday night he sleep soundly all night! Could have been a mix of being tired, medicine, got him down at the right time etc. Who knows??

So for now my sleep plan is to try hard to get him in be by 7:30-7:45, dreamfeed around 9:45-10, and swaddle. This is what has worked on the nights he has slept.

Oh sleep- it's so funny that when we are children we fight it, then as adults we long for it!

Isnt it ironic... Don't ya think?... A little too ironic, and yeah I really do think...

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