Thursday, November 17, 2011

Way to go Griffin

The boy sat up by himself tonight! Way to go buddy!

We had such a great night just spending quality time at home. We had dinner here thanks to the crock pot, then we spent time playing with Griffin for awhile. He is sitting up really well, and when he has the boppy around him he will even pull himself back up when he falls over. He and Daddy had silly times during bath time tonight, and Dad put his hair in a Mohawk!

We decided to try not swaddling Griff's arms tonight for the first time ever, so I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

He turns 4 months old tomorrow- seriously?!! Where is time going?

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  1. How was it keeping his arms out? We learned that lesson the hard way. On Halloween last year, I woke up around 2am and looked at Sam on the video monitor. He was on his stomach with his face in the mattress. I tore across the house to his room just sure that there's no way he could be breathing. (Note: It was the first time he'd rolled himself over in his sleep.) From that night on, we swaddled him with his arms out. Eventually we moved to "sleep sacks" instead of being swaddled. Loved those! One Step Ahead makes a flannel one (sleeveless) that was great for winter months. Hope Griffin did well with his arms out, too :) Sam became an even better sleeper once he could sleep on his tummy all the time.