Monday, December 5, 2011

The Cry It Out thing

Well hardly anyone really chimed in on my last post about our sleep issues, and we are mostly still in the same boat. One friend suggested it could be Griffin's reflux waking him, so we took him to the doctor last week to discuss.

We decided to start putting rice cereal in two bottles a day to weigh his food down some, and give him some prune juice each day to help him be "regular" (which is an issue for reflux babies apparently). So we started this on Thursday of last week. We also decided to start swaddling again on Thursday.

Griffin only woke twice briefly Thursday night! Yay! And the same Friday night. Saturday night he woke a few more times but went back to sleep pretty quickly. But last night was a beast! He went to sleep at 7:30ish, and woke around 8:30ish. Then back to sleep till around 9:45. So I fed him at 9:45 and he went to sleep. He woke a gazillion more times, almost hourly. And towards the morning it was half-hourly.

It's like he can fall asleep but not stay asleep.

Am I naive to think it's not something letting him cry a whole bunch would fix? I just feel like he wants to sleep but can't and I want to help him.

Maybe letting him cry it out is the best thing for him. Maybe he just has to learn to put himself back to sleep.

But maybe it's his stomach issues waking him? Or he is just overtired after this crazy month if sleep problems?

I just don't know how I am supposed to know what to do. Seriously. And it sucks.

I don't think it's hunger bc in the last four days we have added rice cereal and still fed the same amount of feedings. Friday he didn't even finish all of his bottles at daycare.

Oh parenthood. I hate being the one who has to decide what is best for your kiddo. Seriously hate it.

That is all.

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  1. I can't relate much to your problem as Charli didn't sleep through the night until she was a solid 1. She usually woke up every 2 hours or so. She had really bad gas pains and nothing really seemed to help. It was worse when we started her with the cereal in her bottle too. We'd sit with our hands on her stomach because the heat made her feel better and she'd sleep like a dream...of course, you'd sleep in a less than comfortable spot, but after a while - it was worth it! :) If the doc things there's nothing wrong with him that's making him cry I guess you gotta try the cry it out thing. I didn't do that much myself either. It's hard to have to listen to crying when you're able to offer help! I tried not to pick her up but just be near or pat her back to sleep or something. It is tough, but know it will pass...and sooner than you think! But I know on some days it seems like it will never happen. So, I guess some of us didn't weigh in because well, we didn't know what to do either. We just made it though and you will too! Good luck!