Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Tidings Louisville Style

Our first Christmas as a family of 3 is officially over, and I am totally exhausted. It was a great holiday though! Griffin had really rough nights, but surprisingly he was still in an awesome mood all day each day. He was playful and fun and a smiling machine majority of the time.

We went to Louisville first to visit with Mr.Pate's side of the family. We got up there on Friday and just hung around his mom's house for the day. Saturday (Christmas Eve) we headed to Aunt Lisa's for our annual Christmas gathering with Mr.Pate's Dad's side of the family. It is always a good time with lots of noise and laughter and plenty of children running about. We play the "Dirty Santa" game every year there, and that is super fun! This year Kirk's (Griffin's Papaw) gifts got stolen every time he opened them. It was pretty funny.

 Papaw pretty much hogged Griffin the whole day :) Cute Cute Cute
 A shot of the kiddos opening their presents.
 Being cute with Daddy. 
 Cheri got some awesome giggles out of our little guy. 

After Aunt Lisa's, we headed over to Grandma's house for dinner and presents. Mr.Pate's mom (Griff's Grandma) always cook us a yummy meal and sets a gorgeous table. We had a great time this year and Grandma and Papaw took turns fighting over the little guy. And Uncle Ed, Griffin's Great Great Uncle, moved in with Mr.Pate's mom this past year so it was nice to have him down here with us instead of just calling him. He is from New York, so the crazy warm weather is quite a change up for him! Ha! 
 Uncle Ed (Griffin's Great Great Uncle) was here to celebrate this year! 
 Uncle Shelly.... I am trying to make that name stick! 
 Grandma let Griffin open a present... he was more interested in eating the paper! 
 A house divided... We got him a WKU hat, Sheldon got him an EKU sweatshirt... of course we know WKU is better!
 Chillin with Grandma
 Uncle Dustin gettin a little out of control with that bottle... of sparking grape juice! haha! 

 Group shot
 Uncle Ed is funny
Blowing raspberries are my new thing... 

 Eating my toe is sooo fun. Just got into this habit this week too. 
 I stole Mommy's glasses! 

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