Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stream of thought

... I am sick. I have a head-cold of some sort. Ick. It started Thursday, I stayed home from work yesterday and feel somewhat worse today. Yay.
... My baby napped awesome yesterday at home with me. A one hour nap, 2 forty five minute naps and a two hour nap! Come on daycare- work on this please!
... Last night we took food to Mr.Pate at work. Afterwards I was thinking about how different our lives are now that we have a kid. I used to sit in Starbucks and read and sip on my fav drink to my hearts content. Now my time there is dependent on a napping and nursing schedule. Oh well.
... I have given up dairy for awhile to see if it helps Griffin's reflux. I had no idea how hard this would be!
... Griff has slept great most of this week. It could be due to cold medicine, but he has been going to sleep better in the first place too. Yay!
... I spent some time today just sitting in Starbucks sipping on a soy hazelnut hot chocolate and catching up on blogs while Griff napped. It was a lovely 20 minutes. Seriously.
... Shogun tonight with some friends, yummo. Hope I can taste it.

Even though I am sick, I am cherishing the extra time with my little guy! Happy Saturday.

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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