Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sittin on the dock of the bay...

I wish I was sitting on the dock of the bay... but sitting in my sunroom will do for now. Do you know what today is?

Any guesses??

Saturday. Just a normal, typical Saturday. FINALLY! Yay! Unlike practically every Saturday this summer, today is just a normal Saturday in the Pate household. I woke up to my large dog wanting so badly for me to quit sleeping in and feed him, but he did let me sleep till 8 which was amazing!! I made my coffee and began my to do list for this 3 day weekend. There is a lot on that list! But anyhow, then I settled down to.... wait for it.... meal plan! Yep, I am actually going to plan out some meals for the week and COOK. Mr.Pate will not know what to do with himself. The rest of the day will be filled with cleaning, shopping, meeting with one of my youth, and then guess who is coming for dinner??

KRISTEN!! Remember when I mentioned that I had seen all of my good friends this summer except one? Well now I get to see her too!! She is in town all the way from hot Arizona for some of our friends wedding (tomorrow! Yay Mandy and Michael!) and is coming up to BG tonight to see little ol me! I am so excited. Kristen is a best friend from High School, and was my roommate all four years of college. Yep, we have been through an awful lot. And I love her dearly. Yay for visits!

Well thats me this morning. I have to go attack that to-do list now (one thing on the list- a paper. ick! i have to write a paper for my photo class). And enjoy this amazing weather! I am thinking my beloved hammock is going to be making an appearance soon...


  1. so glad you get some down time! i know you need it!

  2. Yay! Hope you and Kristen have fun! Tell her hi for me :)