Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Into Reading List 2010- finally

So I am a few days late on this, mainly because a sickness has attacked my head and throat and chest and I just didnt have a clear enough head to type. Better late than never, right? Without further ado....

for 2010

This Fall I am doing it a little differently. I have a list of 12 books I would like to read overall, and my goal is to read 6 of them by the end of the challenge. 

  1. Big Truths for Young Hearts by Bruce Ware
  2. Radical by David Platt
  3. The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis
  4. The DNA of Relationships by Gary Smalley
  5. Women Leaving the Workplace by Larry Burkett (I am not leaving the workplace- just looks like an interesting book and has lots of stewardship tips within it)
  6. Stuff Christians Like by Jonathan Acuff
  7. Engaging Parents as Allies by Wayne Rice
  8. Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne
  9. The One Minute Organizer by Donna Smallin
  10. Mudhouse Sabbath by Lauren Winner
  11. Getting Things Done by David Allen
  12. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey (I have read half and never finished!)

What will you be reading this fall?? 

**If you want to join in and have a blog, go to Callapidder Days and link to your post. If you dont have a blog, leave your list in the comments and I will check in with you to see how you are doing. Dont we all need a little encouragement to get our eyes off the tv and into a book??

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  1. Jonathon Acuff has a blog by the same name and I read over there once in awhile. I like the way your approaching the challenge.