Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just a few late night notes

  • Mr.Pate and I spoke tonight at the BCM's worship service on Dating Relationships. Oh dating... so much drama. I love how being married makes you an authority on dating- because I made it through dating I must know something to tell you about it. Ha! But it was great to get to teach with Mr.Pate, so often its just one of us teaching, so that was neat. I think it went well.
  • I have not forgotten all of you who want me to share info from my photo class, its just that I havent really learned anything yet. We have been learning all the procedures for turning our photos in, how to tone them (apparently editing is choosing which picture to use but toning is actually altering the photo- fyi), and how to display the prints for class. Supposedly next week we are going to dive in. I have a few snippets I will try to share later in the week. 
  • Fall Into Reading starts tomorrow! So if you are going to participate, be working on that list. If you dont have a blog but you want motivation to help you read more you can just share your list in the comments of my post. I will check in periodically to see how you are doing. Come on guys, join me!! I need people to push me to get back into it, because I am struggling to turn off the TV and open the pages!
  • Work is sooooo crazy busy! We have done over double the amount of services we did by this time last year! It is crazy and nonstop- the days literally fly by! I would rather it be busy, so I am not complaining, but man- it is hard to keep up!! 
  • I have not been sleeping very much lately. Oddly, I just cant seem to go to sleep at night. This is very not like me, usually I am falling asleep at 9! But now I have just gotten into a vicious cycle where my body is used to not sleeping... and it continues on. 
  • On that note- I am going to go force myself to sleep! Good night! 


  1. aw, i am so jealous that a bunch of lamewads who barely even know you got to hear you and justin speak. i bet that was fun!

  2. Ha! And of course he made lots of fun of me and we told jokes that hardly anyone got! You would have enjoyed it. Hows life in the O-to-the-boro?

  3. fun things--sorry you haven't been getting enough rest--make it happen! i'm jealous of your photo class. i want to learn to take more beautiful pictures but we're trying so hard to be really frugal these days...blah ;)

    and we need to get together! let me know when your schedule calms down!