Friday, June 25, 2010

a list aversion

I have mentioned many a time on here that I am a total list lover. I enjoy making lists and I enjoy marking things off my to-do list even more! But sometimes I get in phases... do you do this? Right now I am back in a Food Network phase. And a not wanting to keep my house clean or be organized phase. And a I-dont-want-to-do-that-bc-it's-on-the-list phase.

I have a to-do list at work. And I am finding that I get everything that MUST get done finished, but all the things that are tasks I wanted to get done while things are slower in the summer- well they are just being avoided. I am having a strange aversion to things written on my lists.

This is even seeping over into my reading life. I am reading alot, but I really dont want to read anything on my list of things I had wanted to read this year. Each time I finish a book I look at that list and think- ick! I dont want to read those. It's a weird phase.

And I am afraid it is even interfering with my blogging life. I have a list of posts I wanted to write... but once I get the time to write I look at the list and think "ick- I dont want to write about that!" So then I dont know what to write about. And here we are.

So doe anyone have any good tips on how to push yourself out of a phase?? What is your weird phase? Please tell me you have one!

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  1. i'm in that kind of phase--i have a ton of things that i need to do and want to do but i can't pry myself out of my chair. and ditto on the blog posts. i have so many in my head but i just can't make myself sit and write!

    let me know if you figure out how to get out of this! ;)