Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weeks and Love...

Why I LOVED Last Week:
  • Camp! I got to spend great quality time with the Lord & my youth! 
  • The Lake! We went to a camp called Crossings @ Jonathan Creek, which is on a lake. So I got to swim (yay Summer!) and enjoy awesome views. 
  • Fabulous worship services! I got to experience great praise music and hear some great challenges from our speaker at camp.
  • Sheldon (the youngest of the Pate boys) graduated High School! Oh my goodness! He grew up sooo fast. I am so glad we got to go be a part of that experience. 
  • I got in some good reading time.
  • I got to use my new camera a bunch! And it took some great pics for me. 
  • Dance parties- yep lots of them in the girls room at camp!
  • Getting to visit one of our youth who is in the hospital. She is awesome and so much stronger than I am!
  • Got to catch up on the phone with one of my best friends- it had been way too long! 

Why I LOVE this week:
  • My bed! I was soo ready to sleep in it when I got back.
  • Getting to be at home with Mr.Pate and Joey & Zoey! I missed our animal kids badly!
  • My youngest niece's bday party is this weekend! Yay for family time!
  • I am going to hangout with a great friend who I havent seen in FOREVER on Saturday! Woo Hoo!

P.S. I totally tried my hand out at making a graphic for this. Feel free to save it for yourself and join in... especially the person who told me to make it- I need some updates from you!!!

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