Friday, June 11, 2010

Fab 5 Friday- Wish List Style

It's that time again! Time to join with Emily and count our tangible, material blessings.

This week, instead of trying to figure out 5 things that made my life more fabulous (mainly because I haven't slowed down enough to notice), I decided to pick 5 things I wish I had to make my life more fabulous. 

1. A personal chef. Enough said. 

2. Chacos! My Freshmen year of college I got a Wal-mart knock off version of these that were awesome! They lasted until 2 summers ago... man I miss those things! I would love to have a pair of these babies. 

3. iPhone. Enough said.

4. A backyard Pool. 

5. Photoshop! 

What makes your wish list??

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