Thursday, June 3, 2010

What up my Blog peps!!

The blog has been a bit quiet, I know. That's because I am spending my days acting like a paprazzi for my Youth group in the suer hot sun! Mr.Pate, Dustin and I have brought our Youth group to Crossings @ Jonathan Creek for church camp this week. We left on Tuesday and get back on Sunday afternoon. So far so good, the youth are having a blast. I love bringing them to camp, mainly because it gets them away from their normal drama-filled atmospheres so they can get some Spiritual clarity and focus. I have had some great talks with the girls we brought, and I am sure it will only get better.

I am spending any free time I get uploading pictures and updating our youth group blog for the parents, so I wont be able to provide you with any entertainment this week. Sorry friends! Ha! Have a great week!! Oh and congrats to Sheldon, the youngest Pate brother, who graduated from high school on Wednesday (yep we had to leave camp, go to Louisville, and then head right back!)!! I cant believe you are 18!!

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