Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weeks & Love...

  • I got to sleep in my own bed all week! Ha! 
  • I had to purchase a new marketing camera for work, so I got paid to research cameras! Awesome! I learned alot about dslr camera's from it. 
  • I was able to go to good ol Gallatin all day on Saturday, which was great. 
  • I saw a not-so-fabulous-and-I-wish-I-hadn't-paid-for-it movie with a completely-fabulous-why-havent-we-hung-out-more friend. Then we had lunch (which was yummy) and sat and talked about everything under the sun. It was wonderful. 
  • And THEN Livvi's B-Day party! It was super hot, so perfect weather for a pool party. She is such a fish. 
  • After Livvi's party me, Mist, Ash, and my parents just sat around talking for a long time. It was such a great time. We never get to do that. I have been so blessed with a great family, even though they are kinda crazy too! hehe!
  • On Sunday I had Youth Small Group (which was giggly) and then we had a Movie Night!! Yay! I love my youth girls, they are an exciting bunch. 
  • Last night I got to watch my 2 fav summer shows: Design Star and Next Food Network Star! And Mr.Pate even watched with me. 
  • My niece's are coming to stay this weekend! WooHoo!
  • I am meeting with my dgroup again, finally! I have missed them.
  • Pool Party on Saturday! I need me some time at the pool, I am tellin you. 
  • I am actually cooking some meals at home this week! I am sick of eating out or camp food or randomness. 

What are you looking forward to this week??

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  1. no major plans this weekend! woohoo! this weekend, though good, was too full for my tastes: baking/decorating a cake for my neice's bday Friday, then her party Saturday, baking/decorating a cake for Brittany's wedding Sunday, then in Louisville ALL DAY for her wedding on Monday. I didn't get home till midnight! on a work night! girl. i'm. a. mess.