Sunday, June 20, 2010

Randomness from my couch

Mr.Pate is off working hard for the money, and Joey & I are chillin on the couch. So I thought to myself, "I bet my fabulous blog readers (the millions of you that are out there- wink wink) are really desiring to hear what is running thru my brain right now." I aim to please...

  • A person on WW and trying to make new, lifelong, healthy food habits should never EVER buy their favorite splurge food (or convince their hubby to do so for them)... such as nutella. That may or may not have happened at the Pate house this week. 
  • Being an adult in the summer sucks. All work and no play by the pool... ugh!
  • My 2 shows for the summer are both on Sunday nights. I think thats weird, Sunday just doesnt feel like a TV night. Whatev. 
  • Is anyone else watching Design Star? Nina is freakin annoying. And that one guy (dont even know his name) that keeps yelling at Trent about his placement of stuff... he is right about what he is saying but totally annoying in how he is saying it. Someone tell him to shut up!
  • I used to write like 5 blog posts a weekend. I found it super easy. Everything made me think of a blog post. That line of thinking has ceased and getting on the computer seems almost like a chore now. Interesting. 
  • My nieces didnt come this weekend. Didnt work out. Sad times. 
  • My oldest niece is about to start middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL! UGH! How did she get so old? And I am terrified about the drama that my face her. Middle school aint no joke. I should know- I am involved in Youth ministry. It is not a walk in the park. But she is a strong and sweet lady, she will be fine. But I will still worry, I mean wasnt she born yesterday??? 
  • I used to keep my house spotless. I would even dust everyweek. EVERY WEEK! Usually once people have children, they go lax in this department. I have no children, and yet this summer I have sooo gone lax. I just do not want to clean!! It is such a vicious cycle that never ends. 
  • If I could choose to live anywhere, I would live in Narnia. Yep, a fake world. Have you read it?? You would want to live there too. 
  • I am really trying to focus on learning more about photography. I am reading books, blogs and taking a class in the fall. Dont worry- I will share anything useful I learn with you peps! 
  • And I am now sleepy.... 
Peace out my homies... 


  1. i agree with you on the blog thing. i used to be so excited to write new posts and everything made me think of something to write...not so much these days.

  2. yay for a new post! i can relate on so many things, but girl, my house will always make your house look spotless! and i agree about nina. boo. and also about neices growing up too fast! i'm super worried about my oldest neice. she's a cheerleader and already getting into trouble. :(

    thanks for the glimpse inside youre head this morning!

  3. I've been watching Design Star (naturally), and I completely agree with your assessments. I really hoped Nina would get the boot, but I was surprised how catty the Texas girl got when she was in the studio. Totally unexpected and completely unacceptable!
    On a random, related note. Do you remember Josh Sparkle, who is from Hendersonville, from a previous season? I totally saw him at the Stein Mart in Hendersonville one time when I was home. I was completely star struck; while everyone else looked at him like he was a freak of nature...because of his hair, not his relative fame.

  4. mandy- she was straight up catty! ohhh Sparkle Josh! Ha! He gave justin the creeps!

    do you feel like this season is cold and weird? I dont like that Clive isnt there, and the judges are being really weird i think.