Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aim- Tweaks & Updates

Remember those goals of mine I set?? Well it is now June, which means it has practically been half a year since I endeavored to accomplish these things (I actually didnt set them till Feb, but close enough!). There are a few that I am realizing are not important to me, a few that I feel like I do easily and no longer need as a goal, and a few that I need to keep at and get my bottom in gear with! Ha! So here is my list, how I did last month, and a few new tweaks as well...

1. Personal Goals:
  • Memorize the book of Philippians. Yep, the whole book. Still at this one! I currently know 1:1-27, which sounds pretty good till you look at how long I have been at it! I am really hoping I pick up some speed with Chapter 2. At this rate, it may take me 2 years to memorize this short book! 
  • Read 2 books a month. Still at this one too. This month I finished 1 book. But it was a really good book! 
  • Be social at least 3 times a month. This is one I dont feel is needed anymore. While I am still a homebody, I think now that its warm I am having no problem getting some social time in. 
  • Begin a Youth Book Club. A new one. 
2. Marriage Goals:
  • Have a "connect" time each day- a time where we have intentional communication, a devo and prayer time. We have scaled back our goal in this area to a couple of times a week. This seems to help it be a more meaningful time and not a chore. We need to improve on this one! 
  • Be more affectionate. This one is just hard to measure, so I am taking it off the list. 
  • Practice the discipline of date night. Doing well, but averaging every other week right now. 
3. Financial Goals:
  • Track our monthly spending to ensure we are actually living out our proposed budget. I made some progress on this one last month. I got our spreadsheet updated and we made a plan on how to track what each purchase is for. Now we just have to enact that plan! 
  • Give coupons another try. I am keeping this one on here, but I have made zero progress. So my new short term goal is to begin this in July. 
  • Cut our grocery budget by 10%. Did a horrid job of this last month. Went over! 
  • Be more diligent about contributing to our savings & retirement. Savings is going strong, retirement not so much. But Mr.Pate met with our advisor guy today, so hopefully this month will be more productive. 
4. Physical Health:
  • No longer be considered insulin resistant. I know this sounds presumptuous or like I think I have control over my health, but in the case of insulin resistance you really can control having it or not by managing a healthy weight. I am getting so close, but not there yet! My levels were actually slightly up last time, which my doctor was not sure why. I do labs again in August, so hopefully I will be at a 0 at that point! 
  • Get to my WW goal. Ugh!! Remember when I updated you guys on my WW journey? Yeah, well it is almost a month later and I am only 0.4 lbs lower. I am still going for it, but these last pounds are creeping off! Ha! 3 lbs to go. 
  • Do something physically active 5-6 times a week. This one is no longer an issue, so its coming off too. 
5. Project Goals:
  • Begin my Holiday memories & random memories scrapbooks. This one is getting changed alittle, but I have not started any of it. 
  • Create a family heritage cookbook for my side of the family and Justin's. I am going to try this one for one more month, but this one may not happen either. I cant find a company that does them relatively cheap, and I cant get our families to send us any recipes. 
  • Make a price book. I have gotten a little closer, but not yet. I have downloaded another ladies, and found it helpful! Ha! 

How are you doing on those New Year's Goals?? Do you even remember them?? Do share!

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