Wednesday, April 1, 2009

inside the life of campus ministry

i love campus ministry. i have spent the last eight years of my life devoted to it in one form or another. and as some of you know, i will be saying goodbye to a direct role in campus ministry this may. my heart breaks as i type the words. so this post is just going to be some thoughts on recent happenings in campus ministry and my thoughts about leaving.

any of you that know me well (i love how i act like there are tons of readers to address, hehe), know that i love the movie "You've got mail". I could watch it over and over (wait-i have watched it over and over). there is a part in the movie where meg ryan is talking about closing her store and she says "its as if a part of me is closing with it". I feel the same way with leaving my beloved job at the BCM. It is time for me to go, and while i am excited just for a change in my life, I am also so sad to have to say goodbye. So much of who I am has come out of this ministry. 

last night another campus minister from the state spoke at 180. he is always a great speaker- funny but full of depth and wisdom. it just made my heart happy, bc it reminded me how fun campus ministry. students are so full of life and funny, never the same and always figuring out who they are. they have the whole world at their fingertips and the sky is the limit to what they can do. they get to be with friends till the wee hours of morning. they can live, work and play all at the same place if they so choose. college is really the good life. the funny thing is- you never know it till your out i think. 

the past three weeks in college ministry have been very very very busy. spring break in a  blizzard, council interviews, veritas planning, a good friend having a baby, seeing family, youth events... busy. so i have determined that one thing i wont miss is being so so busy. but then i have to wonder, what will i do? i am sure i will be able to find a million things to fill up my time, but it is a strange thing to imagine staying home on a tuesday night for awhile.  

well... i know these have been short random incomplete thoughts on things... but in my head it all made complete sense. welcome to my head!


  1. So what is next...I would like to know! I miss you my dear!

  2. so if you are leaving, where are you going? good luck to you!

  3. ouch. this is sad. sniff. : )