Thursday, April 16, 2009

a look at my dining room table this week

so my hubby is preaching at church this week, due to the fact that our pastor is heading to a conference all week and needed to begin focusing for the next week's sermon now. he and i are super excited bc he doesnt get this opportunity all that often... but here is what my table looks like: 

haha! normally this table is completely clean (well with the occasional bill sitting on the corner reminding me to pay it), but this week Justin has brought home a million books and papers and declared this his desk. it is so sweet watching him get so passionate and serious about preparing this message. 

dont misinterpret what i am saying to think that he doesnt prepare well for all of our youth lessons, but because of the short notice this week he has to cram alot of study and research into a few days. so be praying for my dear husband as he challenges my church body from the text of Luke 5 & 6 on the importance of discipleship (a topic near and dear to the both of us)!

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  1. This looks like the kitchen table of a high school teacher. :)