Sunday, April 5, 2009

joey pate

well, at the very beginning of december our family grew to four. 

we got a dog. joey. he was already named- we weren't trying to be cute and have the names of our pets sound so alike. (anytime we say on
e of their names they both turn and look at us like "what?") 

since my old computer was so slow and hated pics, i never got around to introducing him to the blog world. so here are some pics of my fabulous, large and cuddly boy joey!

Isn't he cute?
He has claimed this chair as his own...

He smiles! He is a happy go lucky doggie. 

He really thinks he is a toy poodle... he loves to sit on top of you- literally! 

And so that I am not playing favorites... I had to sneak one of my fat cat  zoey in! (as she sits on my freshly cleaned towels!)

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