Tuesday, April 14, 2009

so i am just a little quirky...

for some reason today, i seemed to really notice all of my quirks or weird things about me. so i decided i should share them, then i will have them neatly written out if anyone ever asks me to list them... bc that happens all the time.

1. i run into things alot. i guess i have no peripheral sensor, so i run into the sides of door frames or ends of furniture often. i remembered this one today after i ran into the open car door that i knew was there but thought was further away from me. i proceeded to get angry with myself and the door (it really hurt)

2. having more than 15 emails in my inbox freaks me out. seriously i get hardcore stressed. so i make folders. i have over 15 folders in my hotmail account. did anyone see me last week (pre-Veritas)? i will blame any craziness on my inbox, which had over 50 emails in it that were all pertinent at the time and could not be pushed aside! 

3. i hate to be left out of conversations. but not in the way most people do. see, it is not that i want to really know the info or am hurt that a group wouldnt include me. i just have some internal need to know everything that is said around me. its like i cant stop myself from asking "what did you say" even when i know it is none of my business and i wont care anyhow. forgive me people- just amuse me?!

4. i pick. lips, skin, nails, scabs, pens etc. i pick at things. i love to tear things apart. my husband hates this, and i hate that he hates it. as you can tell it is an issue in the pate house. if you see him flick me bc of my picking take up for me please!

5. i have an amazing ability to tune things out when i am either a) watching tv or a movie, or b) reading something on the internet. ask the millions of people i share an office with, they will tell you. ask my husband- another thing he hates. (i promise he loves me, despite the way it is looking in this post)

6. i have an inability to not be bossy or dominant in my demeanor. i try very hard. i try to convince myself and others that i am infact very laid back or passive. but lets be honest- i am not convincing anyone. it is ingrained in me. often i hear myself and think "sabrina stop it! you are so overbearing sometimes!" but there is no stopping it. (i do want to state that this is not always a negative trait, just for the record)

well i am sure there are many more, but for now this will have to do. i gotta head back up to campus for 180. hope you enjoy my weirdness, or at least i hope you find it endearing instead of annoying haha! 


  1. You DO totally hate to be left out of conversations. I can't tell you how many times you popped in at the end of a discussion on something and said, "Now what are we talking about?"

  2. i clicked on this link at the bottom of your most recent post...and as i was reading it i am totally picking at my lips! my husband hates it too, but i can't stop! if something is just a bit jagged i pick at it!