Thursday, April 30, 2009

a few goals...

as i mentioned in my previous post (click here if you missed it), i am inspired to set a few goals right now. i am transitioning in life right now, from a job to no job to hopefully a job (please Lord) and i feel like it is a reflective time for me. so i want to make the most out of it and resolve to do a few things that i prob should have been doing all along. 

also, please post comments with your goals to encourage and inspire me too! thanks!

1. i need to follow through on things, and not do things halfway. with the small things and big things. for instance, i have been meaning to get my passport updated for two weeks... but i have only gone halfway through the process, also i have a tendency to put my clothes in the floor bc i dont want to hang them up... which is pretty lazy, and i read half of a book and then start a new one instead of finishing. 
2. i want to take at least thirty minutes everyday to do one of those things you always have on your list, but never make time for. like walking in the park, or sitting in the backyard and just observing, or going to a bookstore and getting lost in books. i think those things feed the soul.
3. spend as much time reading a book as i do watching tv & surfing the net.
4. plan healthier meals instead of impulse eating when i am so hungry i could die bc i didnt plan well.
5. i want to set my mind on memorizing scripture the way i set my mind on learning biblical truth. see i love to study deep into the meaning of scripture. part of this is a true desire to know my Lord and Savior more, and I am sad and embarrassed to say that part is prob bc of my pride and 'want to know it all' attitude. i really work at this. i want to work at knowing God's word just as hard. So that i can dwell on the things above instead of the things of this earth. 

there are plenty of other things i want to resolve to do or improve in... but i feel starting with five is manageable. so any of you that read this and see or talk to me regularly, hold me accountable and encourage me to persevere! and please share your goals too!

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  1. Im kind of a junkie too! I just either don't have that many friends that blog or I just haven't found it yet. Great list, I'll try to make one myself, although it may have to wait until after my last test in 2.5 weeks. Keep bloggin, I love readin it! Love ya, Jamie