Thursday, April 30, 2009

a little starbucks, a new obsession, some goals, and a new friend

 i am sitting here in "my husband's starbucks" as i fondly refer to it, and perusing the blog world. and thought i would share a few different things on my brain.

1. blogs: blogs have turned into a new obsession for me. i finally realized the extent of it a few weekends ago when i had a girls weekend with some of my best friends. as we hung out and caught up i started doing that thing where you hear yourself from outside your body, you know what i mean? well, anyhow, i suddenly realized that every few minutes practically, i was referring to a blog. literally! "oh yeah such and such are doing this now, i read it on their blog" and "well such and such does that this way, i read it on their blog". i have become a junkie. 

let me clarify my obsession though. i am not into the super spiritual or theological blogs (although they would prob be more beneficial? not sure of it though), and i am not into news blogs either. i am into two particular types of blogs: personal ones and frugal, money saving ones. 

by personal blogs, i mean the kind where real people just share about their everyday life, whats on their minds, etc. i love these blogs. i read tons of them. all people i know though, only that interests me. 

by frugal, money saving  blogs i mean the kind where crazy obsessed frugal moms share tips on have to save money. they are kind crazy really, but sometimes helpful. 

i am blaming this obsession on kristi and natalie. they got me started with blogs this summer. what bad influences. 

2. a new friend: a girl just turned around from her table at starbucks and said to me, "your husband is so helpful and nice". i have never seen this girl. but i was flattered. i love my husband. and too often it takes someone else noticing he rocks for me to remember. (sidenote: she was simply guessing he was mine based on the ring on his finger and the fact that i had brought us a picnic dinner to eat in the middle of starbucks, you do what you have to)

3. Goals: i was reading someones blog a moment ago who had listed several things she was determined to do more or that she had learned this semester. i was inspired to do make my own list. but then i decided that i would be even more encouraged if i had others share their lists with me too! 

so here is the deal. i am going to work on my list, and post it later. when i do, i would love for people to post their own lists as a comment on mine. come on people- spur me on! 

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