Thursday, April 16, 2009

how many doctors does it take to screw in a light bulb?

i feel like my life right now is expressed in the cliche jokes that go: "how many ____ (in my case doctors) does it take to screw in a light bulb?"

for those of you who dont know, in Dec of 2007 I had my thyroid removed and discovered i had been living with thyroid cancer. since they removed my entire thyroid, i no longer had cancer, but just to be safe i underwent radioactive iodine treatment and full body scan which came back clear. for the last year i have been trying to get my thyroid hormone levels worked out (i have to take a supplement of this hormone for the rest of my life, you actually need this very small organ) and it has been quite the journey. 

i dont feel like myself. i havent for quite awhile. i am exhausted. i wake up exhausted every morning. i am a walking flake- meaning i have the driest skin ever. i am incredibly lethargic and unmotivated to do anything. my hair is breaking at the roots. i cant breathe. i have become a huge introvert, people deplete me. etc. etc. etc. 

you never know what that tiny organ called the thyroid does till its gone! anyhow, for the last year i have been on a medicine called synthroid, which is a synthetic hormone. and without going into all the specific details of how all this stuff works, i have been telling my doctor i dont feel well and need something to change. well he simply looked at one thyorid level and said "you are fine". basically telling em to deal with it. and i tried. but you know what? this isnt me! and i am so sick of not being myself. the new me sucks. so i decided to find a new doctor. and i found two new ones.

the problem is, they told me completely opposite things! what is a girl to do? in the thyroid world, there are basically two camps: those that believe in simply using T4 and those that believe in T3 and T4 (i realize this is crazy language for most of you, try to stick with me). and these two camps tell you to treat your symptoms in completely opposite ways. and the poor patient is left sitting here on a thursday night scouring the internet trying to find the truth!! 

the point is... i am stuck. i dont know which doctor to believe or which path to take. please pray for me to have wisdom and discernment. and grace and patience. bc at this point i am ready to punch a doctor in the face! haha! but seriously, please pray that the Lord would lead me to hat would work for my body. He made me, He knit me together in my mothers womb, He knows what my body needs. I just need Him to make that clear to me... if He makes it clear to any of you, will you let me know? ;) 


  1. We must hang out soon...I will try not to deplete you. :) I am very curious based on this post, as to which camp my crazy doctor is in. I didn't know this was I'm still having some issues and am now underactive. I will be praying for you and hope you feel better...I do have some little sense of how you feel, and it super sucks.

  2. Thanks for that post sabrina. ive been thinking about you and this answers my questions about your health problems. i will pray you get it figured out. It must be so frustrating to not be able to have the energy to do what you'd like to do and to not feel like yourself. Also, i read your post about leaving the BCM. please catch me up on what you are doing now job-wise. love you!