Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013: Gingerbread Houses 2013!

Last weekend, we did our annual Gingerbread House Decorating!

Mr. Pate picked out a train for Griffin and I to do this year. Griffin had a blast putting way too much candy on ours, and way too much fun eating all the ones that "fell off"! haha! But in his defense- it was Cameron's fault. She ate the candy first ;-)! haha! Becky got snow caps this year that she and cameron both used; they looked sooooo good.

It was super fun to do it in Gammy Becky's new great room this year. That room is huge and sooo awesome! Griffin got the softest monkey in the world and a tiger mask from Gammy Becky this year, since he loves animals sooo much. We have all had fun wearing that mask. Ha!

You can see our Gingerbread Houses from last year here, and from 2011 here. Love this tradition!

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