Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gingerbread Houses 2012

As I mentioned last year, a few friends and I decorate Gingerbread houses every year at Becky's. Griffin and I headed over this past Thursday for this years festivities. We had an awesome time! This year, Gary made us an absolutely delicious breakfast (seriously it was great, breakfast food is my all time fav)! I loved that new addition and think it will have to be added to the yearly tradition (please Garebear lol).

I just got Griffin and I a big Gingerbread man to decorate instead of a house, because I thought he would do better with that this year. He did pretty well actually! He didn't really want to play in the icing surprisingly (which I didn't mind!) but liked putting the toppings on (as well as in his belly!). Our set had peppermints included, so I opened a few on put them on. Griffin decided he should put some on it too, so he just added it plastic wrap and all. Haha!

Griffin sat and played with his play dough for quite a bit too, so I was able to socialize and watch the "pros" work on their houses. Jeanice and Cameron did great houses, but did not get nearly as serious and and hardcore as years passed. Haha!

This year, Becky and Gary gave us all matching aprons to wear during our event! How cute is that? I love them so much. Every year we also get a gingerbread ornament of some type, and this years had pictures of last years event in them. I can't believe how much Griffin has changed since last year. Crazy.

Gammy Becky also got Griffin a Big Red and a Big Apple ornament (she recently went to NYC). He has carried Big Red everywhere since!

You can check out last year's shindig here:

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