Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas 2013: Live Nativity and lights!

A church in our town does a live nativity every year, and I had always heard it was awesome. So Friday night, we met the Broadys, and Uncle D at Chuys (of course) and then headed over the Grace Baptist.

The nativity was very elaborate! They built a whole little city. There were live donkeys, soldiers guarding the entrance to the city, a market, bakery and even a synagogue. They were all in character and doing a great job. There was a man outside of the Inn that told us all about Mary an Joseph not being able to stay there and having to go to the stable. Then when we walked out of the city, there were shepherds around a fire.

And continuing on we saw a multitude of angels. There was a recording reading part of scripture, and they stood there and then when it hit a certain part try lifted their hands and bright lights came on. We got there right at the beginning of the loop and just stood around wondering if they did more or we should walk way. Funny.

Then we finally got to the stable.

At the end they had a tent with hot chocolate, cookies and singing. It was really a great event. They did a wonderful job!

Here are our attempts at getting a group shot with the donkey at the entrance, not sure why the flash got all weird and made us look like ghosts who showed up after the photo was taken! Ha!

After that we decided to drive around and see if we could find Christmas lights. We stopped and got way too much candy, laughed a bunch and had a blast! We found a house out in Oakland with a ton of lights.

And then we went to the Potts house (people we know) and theirs were awesome too.

Great night.

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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