Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013: Louisville Celebrations

Every year we do Christmas Eve in Louisville. We get together with Mr. Pate's Dad's side of the family at Aunt Lisa's for lunch and it is always a great (loud and chaotic) time! 

 This year, it was right during Griffin's nap time. So we stayed as long as the kiddo could handle, and then Mr.Pate and I left to let him nap. That actually ended up being nice because while the kid slept, we watched a Hallmark movie and cuddled! It was a sweet quiet time amidst a very busy (albeit good) holiday. After the kid woke up, we headed over to Mr.Pate's Mom's for dinner and presents. The last two years we have all celebrated together (both his mom and dad, along with Uncle Ed and the Pate brothers). We had a huge and yummy dinner, played and then opened presents! 

 Dustin, Mr.Pate and I paid for their parents to fly with Sheldon. Neither of them have gotten to go up with him yet. I think they were excited! 
 How big does he look?!! 
 We got Uncle Ed a canvas of him and Griffin. Griffin just loves him! Its funny. 
 Uncle Ed hooked Griffin up too ;-)

 We love us some Toy Story, thanks Grandma! 
 Yes, its a vacuum! Griffin loves to help me vacuum and clean, so Papaw got him some Griffin sized cleaning tools! 

We had a blessed time in Louisville. It always goes by way too fast! 

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