Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas 2013: 2nd Annual Pate/Broady Opry Trip

Last weekend, we headed down to Opry Mills and Opryland Hotel with the Broady's for some Holiday fun! Last year just Mr.Pate and I went with the Broadys to Rainforrest cafe and to see the hotel lights. This year, we thought that Griffin would just love both, and we were completely right. We decided to go early and do some shopping, which pretty much exhausted us! Ha!

But after that we headed to the Rainforrest Cafe for dinner. Animals are one of griffins absolute favorite things (have you read all of my zoo posts?!!) so we figured this would be right up his alley. I had been before of course, but man it was so much better being with a kid who is just memorized. We sat by the tigers and got to hear them roar a bunch. 

It was almost too much for him to take in. Getting him to eat and not just walk around was a challenge! Ha!

After that we headed over to Opryland to find the lights. Last year, we went after Christmas and just did not find enough lights to be impressed. This year we got to see the large outdoor lights that are great! They have a huge nativity scene with scripture being read. Pretty impressive and surprising these days. The indoor lights were ok, but I just always feel like they are going to be more impressive the way everyone talks. Nice, but not wow to me. We still had a blast though!


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  1. Oh my!! You took some great pictures!! I love this trip so much!