Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas 2013: The Polar Express

For the last two years, I have wanted to make it to our train depots "The Polar Express" event. It is a free event but has limited spots. This event "sells" out in like two hours! Anyhow, this year we had the hook up (one of my student workers- thanks Mo!) with someone who works there and were able to get tickets. Yay!

So Mr.Pate, Uncle D, Griffin and I all headed to the train depot last night. Griffin had some cute pj's and elmo slippers on. I just couldn't get over how cute and "little boy" he looked. The baby stage really is over. Wow. He loved getting his own ticket punch, and the cookies. Once they took us outside to get in the train, Griffin yelled "All Aboard!" How cute??!!

We got to walk thru a really old train, which was neat to see, and sit in the back dining car. Then they read The Polar Express to us. Griffin is young, so I do not think he listened to a word of that, but he was quiet and taking it all in. Then on our way out he got a bell from Santa. He sat right on his lap and smiled, surprisingly. Overall, great night! And our friends Tanner and Easton came too, which made it even more fun!

Pardon the demonic eyes in the following two ;-)

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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