Monday, December 23, 2013

Girls Night Out!

Last week, Becky, Cameron, Jeanice and I finally had a girls night out to celebrate mine and Becky's birthdays (which were in Novemeber! Ha!). We headed down to Nashville to "Sips n Strokes" to have a fun night painting. We got there early and walked around the Gulch (the area sips n strokes is in) a bit and got some coffee.

Then we headed back to get our paintin on! Our teacher this time was actually pretty snarky and got smart/almost yelled at a few people! Rude. And she took a million years for the background and so we had to rush the decorating of the trees at the end. And we were there FOREVER. So all of that kinda sucked. But overall we had a blast, laughed a bunch, and our paintings turned out cute!

After being there forever, we were starving! So where do you stop for food at 11pm? IHop! By the time we got there, this is what we looked like:

We just wanted FOOD! And then it came out and was COLD! Ick. Oh well. I ate every bite- I was starving!!

I got home at 1:30am. Which is super duper late for this girl. And my wonderful son woke right up at 6:30am. Yay.

Super fun girls night though. Love you ladies!! Let's do it again sometime- minus the rude teacher and bad food.

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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