Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013: Movie Edition

One of my favorite "me things" over the holidays is watching Christmas movies. Love them! I put them on while I am wrapping presents, cleaning etc and its perfect. So far this year, I have watched the following: 
 On Strike for Christmas 
The Christmas Ornament
Christmas with Holly 
Christmas in the Bayou 
Finding Christmas 
The Mistletones 
A Snow globe Christmas
Let it Snow 
Merry In-Laws 
12 Men of Christmas 
All she wants for Christmas 
Catch a Christmas Star 

 I wish I wasn't too lazy to type out my thoughts on each. But for now, I will just say that The Christmas Ornament was my favorite (I am a sucker for sentimental ornaments), Christmas in the Bayou is my second (because it has Peyton and Chris Keller from One Tree Hill in it!), and Let it snow is my third (I want to go to the lodge in the movie sooo bad!). Christmas with Holly will make you cry, 12 men of Christmas will make you laugh, and On Strike for Christmas will make you think about going on strike for Christmas! Haha. 

 What did you watch this year?

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