Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013: Gallatin Celebrations

We woke up early early on Christmas morning and headed from Louisville to Gallatin to celebrate with my family. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus along the way. Precious. 

The goofballs... 
 Griffin got a money tree from his Mimi. (About a month ago he randomly told her thats what he wanted for christmas. So random! And she delivered!)

 After breakfast and presents at my parents house, we cleaned up and headed to my Aunt Alecia's to celebrate with my dad's side of the family. Griffin got even more presents (spoiled rotten this Christmas, we are so well loved!)! 
Griffin and his Nanny Martha (my last living grandparent, and his last living great-grandparent). She was in the hospital right before Christmas, so we were very glad she got out in time to celebrate. 

After Aunt Alecia's, we visited Uncle Ashley at work. He even let us go in the master controller room (so many buttons!)! 

 Stockings have always been a big deal in my family. They have always been my sister and I's favorite part of Christmas morning. So we saved the stockings until Ash got off and then took them over to their house. Here is the chaos ;-) (Oh and our "stockings" now come in gift bags with stockings laying on top! haha!)  

 Everytime I would try to take a pic, Misty would pose. What a goof. 

One of the many tries at getting a family pic without my dad looking like he is  on drugs! ha! He cannot keep his eyes open for anything. 

 And finally, one with his eyes actually opened! 

 Playing Hungry Hungry Hippos! 

Another wonderful Christmas. I cherish the time with our families. I feel so blessed to be so close to both Mr.Pate's and my families so we can spend the holidays with both. Griffin was precious this year, and was just a hilarious, exciting addition to have around. We were exhausted after all the non-stop though, so we laid low for several days at home. Oh home sweet home! 

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