Friday, August 2, 2013

Zoo Adventures

We got a membership to the Nashville Zoo this year, and in June we were finally able to go! I get half days on Fridays in the summer, so I figured going to the zoo would be a great activity for me and Griffin. But summer is so busy that we didn't have a free Friday until after we got back from youth camp.
Griffins first visit was a mommy griffin date. We had a great time! Now he is hooked. He talks about the zoo all the time. Mr. Pate and I took him one Saturday morning again, and then when we were in Louisville for the 4th we went to the Louisville Zoo.
We, by far, liked the Louisville Zoo better for a kid Griffins age. The animals are closer and easier for them to interact with. I mean, for the animals sake I like Nashville Zoo bc they have way more room to walk around. But Louisville has more animals, more interacting opportunities, and you are closer.

Mommy and Griffin's first trip together.

These bulls got in a fight right in front of us.

Louisville Zoo:

Griffin has talked about these lions alllllll summer! The female got mad about something, stood up and made a short ferocious sound several times. And steam came out of her mouth! Weird. "One is sittin and one is standing up" as griffin says over and over...

Back at the Nashville Zoo again:

If you look closely, there is a red panda up in that tree above.

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