Friday, August 9, 2013

Perfect, normal Friday night

Tonight was the perfect, normal Friday night. As you may have noticed from all of my posts last week, we have been on the go all summer. And it has been wonderful... But I have been craving normal, slow, routine nights at home like nobodies business. And that's just what I have gotten tonight!

We had planned to go to the pool with Gammy Becky, but Mother Nature had other plans and sent a downpour instead. It was pouring when Griffin and I got home! Mr.Pate actually came running outside in the rain to get the kid out of the van for me. How sweet is he?!

We threw together a dinner of leftover chicken and some new sides and chowed down. Then while I cleaned up from dinner, the boys played hide and seek. It was precious. We played in the playroom for a while after that. Then Griffin and I colored for a few minutes. After that we decided to FaceTime some of the family, so he wanted to call Livvi first. Turns out she was at KneKne and Peeps so we got to see them as well! Ha! Then we FaceTimed Uncle Shelly, and griffin told him he was boring. Haha!

(He laid down while talking to Livvi, so she decided to lay down too. They are both so silly.)

After that we had a family movie night. We watched Toy Story and ate popcorn. Griffin decided the movie is his favorite now (everything is his favorite now). He ate a TON of popcorn, and actually watched almost the entire movie. I forgot how cute that movie is. Then used the potty like a big boy (we are easing into potty training), had a celebratory dum dum and headed to bed.

That's my kind of laid back and sweet family night. I am feeling pretty incredibly blessed.

Hope your Friday night was great too!

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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